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Building Blocks Jr. Preschool and Childcare is a safe, stimulating and caring environment for children 2-6 years of age. My focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience while promoting social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. I am committed to all the families I serve and strive to give parents complete piece of mind, while being an example of what quality childcare should be.


My philosophy is to provide a developmentally appropriate play based program for young children that fosters the whole child concept. A program that respects each child and stimulates a child's natural interest and enjoyment of learning. Early Childhood education 

provides an enormous potential for growth and achievement. I truly believe a young child who is nurtured to reach for his or her educational goals from an early age, will continue to pursue educational goals throughout their lives. I believe in providing developmentally appropriate curriculum and environment for young children.

Every child has different needs, interests and developmental goals. In providing an effective early childhood environment that fosters creative expression, social and emotional interaction, child-adult communication, child-child communication, physical expression, risk taking and personal independence, each child will florish. Early child learning happens through play and play is essential. Play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands on, comforting and challenging. I aim to provided opportunities for each child to discover, explore, create investigate, solve problems and express ideas with each other. I believe children are capable and resoursful. I will encourage and support children to find and explore their own interests. I will encourage children to make their own decisions and choice's and to be active problem solvers. I believe in nurture, as it is critical for children to develop a lifelong-respect, inquisitive and positive attitude.

I have learned that an early childhood teacher can immensely impact the learning experience of young children. As an early childhood teacher, I strive to provide a positive developmentally appropriate experience that may forever impact the lives of the young children in my care.

Come join our family.❤️

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