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FunShine Express Early Learning Curricula

FunShine Express is a researched and evidence-based preschool curriculum developed for preschool age children. The activities are to create enthusiasm for learning and build school readiness skills. 

Program Goals

*curricula is based on current research and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development

*activities will promote strong relationships between children and myself

*provide a wide range of hands-on, interactive materials allowing children to experiment, explore and make choices while interacting with their surroundings and peers

* encourage the involvement of family members and naturally incorporate cultural diversity into each child’s learning

* All activities will be aligned with the Early Learning Continuum.

Educational Structure

Emphasize safety, provide consistency and a predictable routine, includes open ended activities, promotes multi sensory experiences and invites exploration and discovery to each day. 

FunShine Express Early Learning and Development Continuum (FELDC) is a curriculum framework that aligns within the early learning and development standards in the state of Washington. Organized into 8 domains that represent areas of learning and development- each indicator shows what a child should know or be able to do in each area. 


FunShine Express assessment process gathers evidence by observation that aligns with the FELDC Of Washington State domains. These progress reports and assessments will be given 4 times per year and shared with parents

ASQ-3 assessment is a parent involved assessment that will be done 2 times a year. 

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