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Typical daily schedule

7-8                  Breakfast

8-9                  Free choice

9:20.               Circle time

9:40.               Lesson

10:00.             Snack

10-:10:30.      Outside

10:30-11.        Craft/sensory

11:00.              Music/movement

11:20.              Story time

12-12:30.        Lunch

12:30-2:00    Nap/quiet

2:00-3:00     Outside

3:00.              Snack

3:45-4:30      Station/ group play

4:30-5            Clean-up depart

Preschool - M - F 9:20-11:30

Enrichment activities:


yoga 2x a month

Monthly themes

Quarterly - Story Teller from Sno. Isle Library of Edmonds

Throughout the year I have guests come in to teach. Usually, I schedule it to coordinate with our theme at the time. Like the fire department, police department, even farmers.

I offer breakfast, two snacks and lunch. I try to provide fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables when ever possible.

Typical breakfast: Waffles, Banana and Milk

Typical lunch: chicken casserole with chicken white meat, mixed vegetables, pears and milk

Typical snack: Apple slices and a cheese stick.

I provide each child with their own water bottles which they have access to throughout the day.

   I communicate Daily through the Brightwheel App. I send a report around 3pm telling you what your child ate, worked on, played, potty and any upcoming news. This is the free app. for Brightwheel                                                                                                   

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