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Testimonials III

  • Amia Nash — 5 starAlthough it was over 10 years ago that I was a young kid running around the backyard of Building Blocks Daycare, I stillhave vivid memories of growing up there. I remember arts and crafts and drawing around Kim’s kitchen table, eagerly watching our caterpillars transition into butterflies in the Butterfly Garden box, running to the kitchen when we were having my favorite Jiffy muffins for breakfast, playing basketball outside, and going on fun field trips. 

Growing up, I always considered Kim like my second mom. She would drop me off and pick me up from school, ask me all about my day, and help me with my homework. She supported me in my education, in sports, and positivelyshaped my values. I believe my time at Building Blocks Daycare provided me the opportunity to explore and grow in a stimulating, educational and social environment, and it has greatly contributed to my successes today. I am finishing up my undergraduate education at Santa Clara University and excited to be furthering my education at Stanford University. My mom and I were recently talking about all of the people who have supported me and got me to where I am today; Kim, Jay, and the Peterson family are some of those people in my life who have played a huge role in my upbringing. Build Blocks Jr. Preschool and Childcare would be my first recommendation for childcare and an environment that promotes and supports personal growth. 

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